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Peter Volland Cover Vol. 1/solo & unplugged/2013 13 Coverstücken aus der Solo-Rock-Show:

01   The Letter (The Box Tops)
02   I Can See Clearly Now (Johnny Nash)
03   Black Magic Woman (Peter Green bzw. Santana)
04   Get Back (The Beatles)
05   Locomotive Breath (Jethro Tull)
06   Still The Same (Bob Seger)
07   Easy Livin`(Uriah Heep)
08   Heart Of Gold (Neil Young)
09   Hey Tonight (CCR)
10   Mighty Quinn (Bob Dylan bzw. Manfred Mann)
11   Bye Bye Love (The Everly Brothers bzw. Simon & Garfunkel)
12   White Room (Cream)
13   Ready For Love (Bad Company)

14   It`s Your Life (Peter Volland-Album "Deep Black Water")
15   On My Hill (Peter Volland-Album "First Cut")
DEEP BLACK WATER/ 2011 10 Eigenkompositionen und 2 Coversongs:
Daniel Schild (Drums), Jens Dörr (Bass), Karl Pfeil (Sax), Wolfgang Manns (Organ) und Peter Volland (Vocals, Guitars , Harp)

01   Deep Black Water
02   No More
03   Selber Stehn Und Gehn
04   Ain't No Sunshine (Cover)
05   The Ship
06   Dream On The Beach
07   It's Your Life (New Recording)
08   Long Way Home
09   Captain John
10   Music Comes Down
11   Halt Mich Fest
12   Child In Time (Cover)
Deep Black Water Deep Black Water Deep Black Water
Deep Black Water No More No More
Deep Black Water Selber Stehn Und Gehn Selber Stehn Und Gehn
Deep Black Water The Ship The Ship
Deep Black Water Dream On The Beach Dream On The Beach
Deep Black Water Long Way Home Long Way Home
Deep Black Water Music Comes Down Music Comes Down
Deep Black Water Halt Mich Fest Halt Mich Fest

LOOK/ CD-Release von 2008

...4 Eigenkompositionen in Hardrockbesetzung:
Mimi Poulakis (Guitar, Bass, Drums), Walter Alt (Guitar), Peter Volland (Vocals)

01   Look
02   Come Back Into My Life
03   Power Of My Song
04   Look (Ballad)
LOOK Look Look
LOOK Come Back Into My Life Come Back Into My Life
LOOK Power Of My Song Power Of My Song
LOOK Look (Ballad) Look (Ballad)


...Debut-Solo-Album mit 11 Eigenkompositionen für Rockstimme und Akustikgitarre:
Peter Volland (Vocals, Guitars, Percussion, Keyboards)

01   Get Away
02   Look
03   Come Back Into My Life
04   I Was Born To Play Music
05   On My Hill
06   I Play Now
07   I Don't Wanna Say Good-bye
08   Voice Of Night
09   November
10   For A New Start
11   Now And For Ever (Pianosong)
FIRST CUT Get Away Get Away
FIRST CUT I Was Born To Play Music I Was Born To Play Music
FIRST CUT On My Hill On My Hill
FIRST CUT I Play Now I Play Now
FIRST CUT For A New Start For A New Start
FIRST CUT I Don`t Wanna Say Good-bye I Don`t Wanna Say Good-bye
FIRST CUT Voice Of Night Voice Of Night
FIRST CUT Now And Forever Now And Forever


...Maxi-CD mit Akustik-Rock-Trio:
Marco Bruckdorfer (Drums/Perc), Willy Wagner (Bass), Peter Volland (Vocals/Guitars)

01   It's Your Life (With Guitar/Vocals, Bass & Drums)
02   It's Your Life (With Guitar/Vocals, Bass & Percussion)
03   Come Back Into My Life (Bonus)
IT`S YOUR LIFE It`s Your Life (Version with Percussion) It`s Your Life (Version with Percussion)

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